Why are images so important to e-commerce? 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine your e-commerce site, are your images worth a thousand visits ...... that is why professional images improve e-commerce sales. Content with images have 94% more views and professional images of your product and not just stock images put your product in you potential clients hands and you will see your sales increase.

Want to be remembered in 3 Days?

Use an Image, Images have nearly double the recall rate of text. This doesn't just apply to online and e-commerce, consider what your offline presence or Branding looks like. Visuals are memorable, words/text can be made into visuals but at the end of the day people will remember other images or scenery that they have seen through the day. Make sure your Branding and online presence represents you. 

Being Visual

This doesn’t mean buying stock photos.  Images should be unique & reflect the content they accompany.  From infographics to product photography, the image should be able to tell the story on its own.  

How important are images to you?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.